The Fight for Safer Chemicals - July 2016

July 20, 2016
Pushing for safer chemicals at Shaw's Market

Buyer Beware!  BPA and other chemicals found in cans   

Despite public outcry against BPA, a recent report showed that 67% of the nearly 200 canned food items collected in 19 states (including CT) and 1 Canadian province had BPA-based epoxy in the lining and/or lid of the can! Read the full report here.  

Clean Water Action and the Coalition for a Safe and Healthy CT is keeping up the pressure on major retailers through our work with the Mind the Store Campaign.  We're targeting the nation's biggest grocers, urging corporate leaders to work with their suppliers of canned foods to avoid BPA and similar endocrine disrupting chemicals and to not substitute with another toxic chemical--like PVC! We participated in a national "day of action" at Shaw's market to meet with the store manager and shoppers urging them to beware of BPA in canned foods! Watch the video on the Day of Action here.

Together with dozens of participants from around the country, we're working hard to make sure that toxic BPA and other harmful chemicals are not in food packaging!

FDA Petition on Phthalates in Food

Like BPA in cans, other endocrine disruptors known as phthalates (pronounced thal-ates) are commonly used as food additives. These chemicals are linked to learning disabilities and other health problems. Right now, the Food and Drug Administration is considering a petition to change the status of 30 phthalates so that they are no longer permitted in our food. Want to help? Submit a comment here

Leading Experts Urge Action on Toxic Chemicals Affecting Neurodevelopment  

On July 1, an historic report and consensus statement by leading physicians, scientists and health professionals was released. Project Tendr:  Targeting Environmental Neurodevelopmental Risks stated that "[c]hildren in America today are at an unacceptably high risk of developing neurodevelopmental disorders that affect the brain and nervous system including autism, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, intellectual disabilities, and other learning and behavioral disabilities." The group urged a "call to action" urging adoption of policies that significantly reduce exposure to toxic chemicals in our air, food, water and consumer products. Read the report here.  

Federal Reform of TSCA:  The good and bad news.

After years pressing for reform of our inadequate federal chemical policy---the Toxic Substances Control Act--the new  Frank R. Lautenberg Chemical Safety for the 21st Century Act has been passed and signed into law. The Clean Water Action worked closely with our partners at Safer Chemicals Healthy Families to assure that important changes were included in the new law. Read about the highlights here. Though we did not endorse the final version, we are pleased with some provisions of the new law but will work aggressively at the state level to continue to enact policies that  reduce exposure to the most toxic chemicals.

Getting Ready for Baby!  Urging Babies R Us to get rid of toxic chemicals in their products!  

The Coalition for a Safe and Healthy CT is proud to support our partners at the Getting Ready for Baby Campaign.  Parents have a lot to think about when they are expecting and shouldn't have to worry about harmful chemicals in products they purchase for babies!  The Getting Ready for Baby Campaign's report highlights the retailers that are disclosing and getting rid of harmful chemicals and the laggards that are not.   Read the full report here.