California Legislative Scorecard:2015--2016

October 27, 2016

Oil industry groups spent over $22 million in 2015, or $60,000 a day, and $127 million over the last ten years lobbying the state capitol against climate change and oil and gas reform measures. Add in another $4.3 million spent in 2015 from the Chamber of Commerce and major funds spent by chemical, pharmaceutical, and agricultural lobbies — it’s a slate of formidable spenders opposing protection of public health and the environment.

We were fortunate to have dozens of Clean Water Champions in the Legislature who stood up to incredible industry pressure. These included several freshman legislators who have proven they have the chops to get things done, and a handful of members who have termed out and are leaving a legacy of leadership on climate and ocean protection and positioned California to protect disadvantaged communities and shrinking water resources.

Clean Water Action’s 2015-2016 session priorities were:

  • Support passage of historic new targets for greenhouse gas reduction and continue to boost the state clean energy and transportation economy
  • Address the impacts of oil and gas exploration on public health and the environment
  • Defend the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act and ensure its successful implementation
  • Ensure that California has a sustainable water supply
  • Protect drinking water and ensure the Human Right to Water- all people accessing safe and affordable water to meet their basic needs
  • Protect and empower communities that have been disproportionately impacted by pollution
  • Promote the public’s “right-to-know” about information that can impact their health and their consumer choices, includ- ing chemicals in everyday products
  • Reduce plastic pollution in the marine environment.

Clean Water Action scored votes on 20 bills that highlighted these priorities. In order to be considered for the scorecard, the bills needed to receive a floor vote in at least one of the two houses of the Legislature and a position of support or oppose by Clean Water Action. Fifteen of our priority bills reached the Governor’s desk. The Governor signed all of the Clean Water Action priority bills that reached his desk, giving him a perfect score.