Annual Report - 2016

May 11, 2017
Horseshoe Band - AZ. Photo credit: Francesco R. Iacomino /  Shutterstock

Letter from the President

Efforts to protect clean water have suffered lately under a Congressional leadership that seems determined to undermine environmental protection. Due in part to the corrosive influence of polluter money pouring into politics, the fossil fuel industry and other big polluters have long enjoyed a harmful excess of influence in Congress. The 2016 election made this already-challenging situation orders of magnitude worse, bringing into office the most anti-environment Administration in decades (though there were a few bright spots, see story at right).

However, even in a political climate that was already quite hostile to clean water and environmental health protection, Clean Water Action’s people-based organizing and campaigns continue to score victories, advancing new protections and blocking some of the worst anti-environment initiatives.

Open the Annual Report below and you’ll see great examples of what we’ve accomplished, thanks to your help.

We need more of the same — a lot more — to hold onto progress that we’ve made, in 2017 and beyond. Your role as a Clean Water member and donor is now all the more important and appreciated.

Yours for Clean Water,

Robert Wendelgass, President and CEO