Submit a Short Video for Clean Water Action's Virtual Event

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Thank you so much for participating in a short video testimonial for Clean Water Action's Virtual Celebration! Please submit your videos no later than Friday, September 25th.

To submit your video, follow the steps below:

1. Fill out the form at the bottom to participate. 

2. Figure out which video camera you’re going to use i.e. your smartphone, laptop, or tablet. Most of these devices come equipped with video cameras and video recording software. Below are some great tips on how to take a good selfie video by using simple video shooting basics.

3. Please make sure the videos are around 15 seconds and no longer than 20 seconds. Do not introduce yourself i.e. don't say "My name is ... and I'm with ... ", we will be adding titles to the videos with your name and/or organization.

4. Pick your video style! You can either "toast" to clean water or record a testimonial style video. 

5. For the testimonial, tell us why you support Clean Water Action or a little bit of your history with the organization in a 15 to 20 second video. Example: "I'm honored to have served on the board of Clean Water Action for 10 years! Without clean water, we wouldn't survive, so I'm continously inpsired by Clean Water Action's leadership and diligence in holding corporate polluters accountable and keeping our water safe."

6. For the toast, grab a glass of water in your favorite cup. Tell us why you support or love Clean Water Action and why you are "toasting" to Clean Water in a 15 to 20 second video. Example: "Cheers to Clean Water Action who have been fighting to ensure safe, affordable and clean drinking water for my family for over two decades! I'm proud to be a member and supporter of this incredible organization."

7. When you're done, save your video with the title being your FULL NAME. This is super important so we know who the video is from. Then upload your video to our google folder here or email to If you'd prefer for us to record the video over Zoom, please email to set up a time & date to record. 

8. Please submit your videos no later than Friday, September 25th.

Here are a few tips on how to take a good selfie video.

When using a smartphone or tablet

Shoot with your camera horizontal so that your screen looks like a widescreen TV. Try to hold it steady. The closer you are to the phone, the less shaky the video will appear, and your audio will be better too. You can also set up your phone using a tripod, on a shelf or stack of books or ask a friend for help. Just remember to not record it vertically. Play around with what looks best.

If you plan to use a laptop or desktop

Most laptops and desktops have a video camera included in the operating system. Windows 10 has a Camera app, and Macs have Photo Booth. These tend to be user friendly, so don’t be intimidated. Do a couple of practice takes, and you’ll get comfortable with the program. 

You can also record the video on Zoom

Go to and login to your account (or sign up for a free account). Go to Host a Meeting (with Video on). When system dialog prompts, click Open Zoom Meetings. Select Join with Computer Audio. Then once you are ready hit the record button. When you are done recording, hit stop recording then end meeting for all. Zoom will then convert the recording to a video. It will ask you where to save your video. Please select a folder on your computer where you will be able to easily find the video (like your desktop). Do not close Zoom until the video has been downloaded.

If you'd rather set up a Zoom meeting and have us record it for you, please email

You’ll need a good background

Shoot outside facing the sun so that the light brightens up your shot and isn’t behind you. If you shoot inside, use a room that’s well-lit with lots of natural sunlight or lighting. Make sure the background isn’t cluttered.

Avoid noise

Choose a quiet room and shut down all programs and devices that make sounds. Don’t forget about pets or children that could cause an interruption. Speak directly into the microphone if possible and stand as close to it as possible to get the best audio. 

Frame up the shot

Put your computer’s video camera at eye level. You may need to raise your laptop by placing it on a stack of books. Looking down at the camera will make your chin and neck look disproportionate to your face. Frame yourself in the middle of the screen so that there is not too much space above your head (headroom). Make sure you are looking directly at the camera, not at some other part of the computer screen. Don’t forget to smile!

Dress for the camera

The best clothing option for on-camera is a solid-color long-sleeve shirt, sweater or jacket. Choose a primary color instead of patterns or prints. Jewel tones and pastels are better than white for the camera. Don’t wear jewelry that moves and makes noise.

Clean the lens

Camera lenses get dirty easy and can make the video appear blurry. Be sure to wipe down the lens and let it dry before shooting.

Thank you for participating! If you have any questions, please email

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