What can be done to address lead in Massachusetts communities?

Clean Water Action presents the Lead Reduction Leadership award to the City of Chelsea

Community members, Cities, States and the Federal Government all have a role to play

Communities can:

Find out whether or not you have a lead service line!

Contact your local water department and ask them to test your line. If you would like help contacting your water department or want to get your neighbors to do the same, contact us here. (online volunteer form link)  Are you a community member/ organization that wants to lead on the issue of lead in drinking water? Contact us using the form below!

Reduce lead in the tap

  • Water that sits in the tap overnight will have the most lead. If you have a lead service line, run your tap for at least three minutes in the morning before you use the water
  • Only cook with cold water
  • Ask your local water department about additional water testing

Cities should

  • Identify and disclose lead service lines
  • Commit to covering full cost of lead service line replacement
  • Increase drinking water monitoring
  • Improve communication with residents
  • Interested in existing resources to aid full replacement? Contact us using the form below.  

So far, Clean Water has partnered with: Chelsea

In December 2018, Chelsea received the first Clean Water Lead Reduction Leadership award for their commitment to replacing lead service lines quickly and equitably. In November 2018, they successfully applied for and received a loan from the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority. In 2019 they will be replacing lead service lines at no cost to the homeowner.

Clean Water is continuing to partner with the City and Chelsea Greenroots on public engagement and outreach.

State and Federal Action

Contact us!