Support Berkeley's Climate Action

Peoples Climate March. Photo by Greg Leshe

The Trump administration is ignoring science and taking us backward on action to fight climate change. The administration is in the process of reversing decades of progress on environmental safeguards and protections for our water and communities.

In response to these decisions, many communities are taking the lead from the federal government. These cities and communities are doing what we need to do -- act proactively to protect our health and families. Berkeley is one of the well aware of the global threat climate change poses. Along with our partners in Berkeley, Clean Water Action supports Berkeley’s upcoming climate resolutions to take the lead on climate action.

  • Action Item #49 declares a climate emergency, endorses a just citywide emergency mobilization effort to end greenhouse gas emissions as quickly as possible, and calls for a Bay Area town hall and collaborative just mobilization effort.
  • Consent Item #30 moves Berkeley to actively oppose the expansion of fossil fuel infrastructure, achieve a 100% reduction in greenhouse emissions by 2030, and partners with labor unions and other groups to create training and retraining programs for workers affected by the transition.

Join us to support these initiatives!

Berkeley City Council will be voting on these resolutions this upcoming Tuesday, June 12th at 6pm.

  • WHAT: Public Comments at Berkeley City Council Meeting
  • WHEN: Tuesday, June 12, 2018 at 6pm
  • WHERE: Berkeley City Hall, 2134 Martin Luther King, Jr. Way, Berkeley, CA 94703
  • WHY: Historic Vote on Climate Measures

Come out and support these groundbreaking resolutions!

These resolutions are not only important for the future of Berkeley, but for the world’s future. Through these resolutions we can inspire other cities around the world to take more drastic actions towards addressing Climate Change.


Think Globally, Act Locally!


Come out to your City Council meeting and let your voice be heard for the future we want!