A Shared Vision for Pennsylvania’s Environment

PA-A shared vision-report cover

Clean Water Action came together with allied organizations across Pennsylvania to develop “PDF icon A Shared Vision for Pennsylvania’s Environment and Communities”.

Pennsylvania faces myriad pressing environmental issues that are interconnected. The science of the climate crisis, and its effects on the lives of Pennsylvanians, compels urgent and bold action. Our waterways remain one of our most precious resources, yet they face a multitude of challenges from aging and lead laden infrastructure, toxic PFAS chemicals, acid mine drainage and plastics pollution. Aging homes throughout the state contain damaging lead paint, asbestos, and other toxins that impact the health of the most vulnerable. Our democracy is under threat from efforts to limit voting access. Without a healthy and vibrant democracy we can’t have a healthy environment.

Learn more about the solutions we believe our next governor and state legislature can enact to address these issues by checking out our shared vision.