Races and Places: Endorsements and Scorecards



Clean Water Action is focused on making sure pro-environment candidates are elected to office. More than ever, we need representatives who will support commonsense water, land and air protections. Every vote for the environment matters.

2020 NJ Elections

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2018 National Elections

Legislative Scorecards

Clean Water Action's legislative scorecard represents a permanent record that scores every NJ state legislator on votes, action and leadership on significant environmental bills. The scorecard provides a comprehensive evaluation of how the NJ Legislature as a whole, party caucuses, leadership, and individual legislators rate on the environment covering the most important, representative environmental issues. Unlike most scorecards that tell part of the story, evaluating only votes, Clean Water Action's scorecard paints a much more complete picture by offering extra credit and demerit for leadership efforts by individual legislators for and against environmental and public health protections.

NJ Legislative Scorecard 2015-2017

NJ Legislative Scorecard 2014-215

NJ Legislative Scorecard 2010-2013

Governor Christie's Environmental Report Card 2012