Kenilworth Park Restoration Plan

DC-Kenilworth Aerial-Michael Bochynski.jpg

After decades of planning, there is finally a proposed plan to clean up the park. After restoration work is completed, the northern half of the park will be granted to the District of Columbia from the Federal government and most likely managed by the Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR). 

While there are many government agencies involved in the plans for Kenilworth Park, Clean Water and the Anacostia Park & Community Collaborative (APACC) are committed to helping you join the conversation. We hope to help make Kenilworth an amazing waterfront park that serves its local community.

DPR has not yet created a plan for the park after the landfill is all cleaned up, but we can still let them know what kind of improvements we would like to see.

Do you live near Kenilworth Park? What would you like to see in the park? Learn more, make your voice heard, and join the conversation here.