Fracking Frontlines: Rachel and Charles

Fracking Fronlines - Rachel and Charles

Rachel and Charles live in Timnath, CO. This is their story: "The activity of the fracking industry has impacted my entire family.

We have frequently noticed foul smells when we open our back door to go outside. When the rigs are going, the lights illuminate our entire back patio, our master bedroom, and the backside of our house. The light from flares burning also shine into our home when they are going at night. I can no longer sit on the back porch to enjoy the peace and quiet, all that I see or hear is a fracking rig.

With the overabundance of diesel trucks driving on the county road behind our neighborhood, they are destroying the roads and can sometimes block access to the neighborhood.

Over the last six months my son has developed a persistent cough. My husband often feels dizzy and out of breath. I have also had some recent health issues. I worry about my family's health and safety - not to mention our quality of life."