Fracking Frontlines: Michael and Noelle

Fracking Fronlines - Michael and Noelle

Michael and Noelle live in Timnath, CO. Here is their story:

"We moved our family here last year and by March, we found out that they were doing seismic testing. I - along with a group of concerned neighbors - began to wonder if hydraulic fracturing was being planned in our community. That March I attended a town meeting and asked the Mayor and town council for public hearings regarding the oil and gas activity. The Mayor said that the council was aware of the testing and assured me that there would be further discussion with residents of the town regarding any future development.

After nine months of silence from the Mayor and Town council, I learned that Peterson Energy has six permits to drill near and under a local elementary school.

A few neighbors and I went to a town meeting and asked our Mayor to stop development until we knew how it was going to affect our homes, our schools, and our health. Despite assurances that this would happen, our community has now seen that everything - plans for more drilling, seismic testing, and more - it all moved forward without including the public. They're making decisions for our families and our town with no input.

After researching the local schools and community, my wife and I decided to move here because we want to bring our daughter up in a safe and community-oriented environment. That's why we moved to Timnath.

I'm not opposed to developments like this, but I need hard science to prove it's safe. We moved here because we wanted a high quality of life for our family, but that's not assured now. Now we're hearing that there are even more wells being planned in Timnath.

The air and water pollution will affect the health of our families. The noise and traffic will impact our quality of living - and add hazardous chemical danger due to potential spills. Our property values will drop. This drilling operation will affect every part of our lives."