Fracking Frontlines: Desiree

Fracking Fronlines - Desiree

Desiree and her family live in Windsor, CO. This is their story:

"We hear the continuous droning of the rigs all night long. We can no longer sleep with our windows or curtains open, because of the sound and light, and closing the windows still doesn't stop the sound. We know people who can't sleep at night because the flaring makes their windows glow like the sun rising. We have talked to hundreds of our neighbors, who feel powerless and are being told that there is nothing anyone can do, but these are our homes.

There are rigs every direction in our small community. We have been told by realtors that people will look at our homes in Windsor, and comparable homes without oil and gas development nearby and be willing to pay more for the homes without. Industry and local government says it creates local jobs, but few of the jobs at the rigs around our town appear to be held by Windsor residents. Drive by the local Super 8, and you will see the parking lot full of out of state license plates. It feels as though they have no long term interest in our town.

My husband and other community members told the CEO of Great Western about several very impactful sights on the south side of Windsor at a meeting that Great Western put on, and neither the CEO, nor any of his employees, were aware of the area in town we were describing. They don't know the streets or street names, the parks, schools, churches, neighborhoods, or subdivisions...they don't know or care about our town. Even if they did, it would appear their only motivation is money, not the people that live close to their developments. If they did, they would spend the money needed, to test the emissions and potential health effects at these sights, before they proceeded with development."