Clean Water Staff in Action & #MeetTheCleanWaterTeam Photos

We need your help – call for photos! As you know social media in any organization is a team effort. And the most successful social media accounts include lots of actual photos and personal stories. As the world starts to open up and we return to doing events, press conferences, canvassing, etc. again - we’d love to capture the faces and work of our program and canvass staff and share on our social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram). We’d also like our followers to get to know our incredible staff and the work you do by launching #MeetTheCleanWaterTeam. Here’s how you can participate!

  1. Take more photos and share them with us! If you are attending a press conference, rally, event, lobbying, celebrating a recent victory, or even just having fun in the office or canvassing, snap some photos! You can also share cute photos of your pets or photos by water, in your community or nature. Then fill out the form and upload your photo below. You can also email to
  2. #MeetTheCleanWaterTeam: We would like to post photos of our staff along with a little description about you and the work you do. Please send or take a new photo of yourself! Then fill out the form and upload your photo below. You can also email to
  3. File types accepted: GIF, JPG, and PNG. Maximum upload size: 2 MB.
  4. Photo Taking Tips: Click here

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