Bottling Connecticut's Water?

Pile of cololrful plastic bottles. Photo Credit: Don Pablo/Shutterstock

Connecticut residents are mobilizing to address the gaps in local review of water management decisions, not just in Bloomfield but in all the communities served by the MDC. We all need to step up to support our communities, protect our state's water and advocate for state legislation that prevents this type of action again. 

Here is a 5-point plan to ensure transparency and protect our water. This plan would address these issues on a statewide level.  The plan would:

  1. Re-establish a citizen MDC (Metropolitan District Commission) watchdog committee to ensure that the MDC works openly with its citizen members to make the wisest decisions involving our water resources.

  2. Rescind the special discounts on water rates enacted by the MDC for large volume users (Niagara Bottling). Discounts for large volume users incentivize overuse, not conservation of a precious and limited public resource.

  3. Rescind the Special Sewer Service Charge discount for water bottlers (now known as the Clean Water Project Charge). Corporations should pay full rate just as CT ratepayers have paid for years to build infrastructure for clean water.

  4. Prioritize state residents in a drought and prohibit the export of water out of state in any Drought Emergency. Residents will be cutting water use while water bottling companies will be shipping it out-of-state. The DPH will step in only when our reservoirs are down to 10% capacity. Revise our state drought plan to protect residents.

  5. Complete the State Water Plan before allowing any further large water sales. Prohibit any new water capacity agreements of over 250,000 gallons/day until a state water plan is in place. Require a water diversion permit for out-of-watershed transfers by trucks.

MDC-served towns include: Bloomfield, Hartford, Windsor, East Hartford, Newington, Rocky Hill, West Hartford, and Windsor as well as sections of Farmington, Glastonbury, East Granby, and South Windsor. But this plan will benefit everyone in Connecticut!