Be a Clean Water Voter in Texas in 2020

Graphic -- Texas

This year’s elections are the most critical in recent history. Voters will have the opportunity to elect environmental champions from the White House to the courthouse. Clean Water Action will endorse candidates at every level who will join us in our campaigns to protect clean water and act on the climate crisis. The past few years have shown us the importance of electing candidates who listen to the science and let it guide commonsense policies. It is equally vital that we choose candidates who are committed to fulfilling the promise of American democracy by acknowledging the reality of systemic racism and acting to dismantle it. And it is vital that we support candidates who understand that fair and open elections are essential to our democracy and who work to guarantee equal and unfettered access to the polls for all.

Clean Water Action carefully studies candidates before making endorsements, learning as much as we can through a detailed questionnaire. Our Texas Vote Environment committee scrutinizes questionnaire responses and evaluates the track records and leadership abilities of candidates before reaching a decision. All recommendations must then be approved by our national office.

Clean Water Action is pleased to announce these endorsements for the November 2020 general election.

Find our Congressional endorsements here.

Find state legislative endorsements here.

Learn more about voting in Texas here.

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