2018 Clean Water Candidates in Massachusetts

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When you go to the polls on November 6th or before (You can cast your ballot early from October 22nd until Friday November 2nd. So make a plan -- find your early voting location or apply for an absentee ballot on the Secretary of State’s website), be sure to choose candidates who will fight for clean water, clean air and healthy communities. Session after session, the Massachusetts legislature punts when it could kick a field goal for clean energy and environmental justice. Meanwhile, we’re fighting to prevent backsliding in the US Congress every day. Your vote can make the difference between electing legislators who fight for a healthy future and stable climate or maintain the status quo. Climate change is not going to wait for Beacon Hill or Congress to take baby steps.  Clean Water Action has endorsed candidates who represent the environment and will protect Massachusetts. 

U.S. Senate

Senator Elizabeth Warren

State Senate

Bristol & Norfolk (Attleboro, Foxborough, Mansfield, Medfield, Norton, Rehoboth, Seekonk, Sharon, Walpole)

Sen. Paul Feeney

Cape and Islands (Brewster, Barnstable, Provincetown)

Sen. Julian Cyr

Middlesex and Worcester (Acton, Boxborough, Stow, Littleton, and Marlboro)

Sen. Jamie Eldridge

5th Middlesex (Malden, Reading, and Melrose)

Sen. Jason Lewis

1st Worcester (Worcester, Boylston, Holden)

Sen. Harriette Chandler

State House

2nd Bristol (Attleboro)

Rep. Jim Hawkins

8th Essex (Marblehead)

Rep. Lori Ehrlich

18th Essex (Andover, North Andover)

Tram Nguyen

14th Middlesex (Acton, Carlisle, Concord)

Tami Gouveia

23rd Middlesex (Arlington)

Rep. Sean Garballey

25th Middlesex (Cambridge)

Rep. Marjorie Decker

15th Norfolk (Brookline)

Tommy Vitolo

3rd Plymouth (Hingham, Cohasset)

Rep. Joan Meschino

10th Plymouth (Bridgewater, Brockton, West Bridgewater)

Rep. Michelle DuBois

4th Worcester (Leominster)

Rep. Natalie Higgins

17th Worcester (Worcester and Leicester)

David LeBoeuf

Ballot Questions

Yes on 2

A YES vote on Question 2 would support the creation of a commission to recommend amendments to the US Constitution in order to establish that campaign finances may be regulated and that corporations do not have the same Constitutional rights as human beings. In the fight for healthy communities, a stable climate and environmental justice, the influence that big money has in politics hinders the progress that must be made—a reality that is particularly prevalent in the battle against fossil fuels.

Yes on 3

A YES vote on Question 3 supports keeping the law that is currently in place which prohibits gender identity discrimination in any place of accommodation. In simplest terms, the law is there to protect transgender people from discrimination in public spaces. As the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. famously said, “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” As Clean Water works to achieve climate justice and eliminate the disparate impacts of environmental pollution on communities of color and poor and working class communities, it is important to stand with allies who are fighting for equality on all fronts.