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Pass the Maryland Essential Workers Act

March 22, 2021

Clean Water Action, along with a number of other organizations, has joined with Marylanders for Food and Farm Worker Protection in supporting a package of legislation to protect Maryland’

Oil Trains Baltimore by jennifer kunze

Testimony for Railroad Community & Worker Safety

March 19, 2021

Railroad Company - Movement of Freight - Required Crew

Senate Finance Committee

March 23, 2021

Working on Waste in Baltimore County

February 26, 2021

Since November, Baltimore County has been convening a Solid Waste Work Group has been meeting to review how trash is managed in the county and make recommendations for improvements.

Great news for agriculture and solar power in Montgomery County!

February 26, 2021

Great news! On Tuesday, the Montgomery County Council finally passed ZTA 20-01, the long-debated zoning amendment to open the Agricultural Reserve to non-accessory solar.

Moving past single-use plastics in Howard County

February 16, 2021

Tonight, the Howard County Council is holding a hearing on Council Bill 13-2021, to eliminate a range of single-use plastic food products.

Toxic for People & Planet projected on BRESCO by the Backbone Campaign

Support HB0332: Burning Trash is Not Clean Energy!

February 4, 2021

Today, the House Economic Matters Committee is holding a hearing on HB0332, legislation to reform Maryland's Renewable Portfolio Standard - a program intended when it was created in 2004 to pro