Clean Water Action announces the new Clean Water Card and Clean Water Wallet accounts, powered by Investor Cash Management, Visa ®, and PIMCO

Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Clean Water Action members and supporters now have access to a unique ESG-screened investor cash management account with the flexibility to save, invest, and spend in alignment with values of environmental sustainability.

Washington DC -– Clean Water Action announced today it is offering a new cash management solution in partnership with Investor Cash Management (ICM) that integrates environmentally conscious saving, investing, and spending. The Clean Water Wallet enables Clean Water Action’s 500,000 members and others with strongly held environmental values to have immediate access to their funds in both FDIC insured accounts and investment accounts that are ESG-screened for social benefit (climate and clean water friendly!), with the aim of obtaining higher returns than those offered by conventional bank accounts.

The Clean Water Wallet Cash Management Solutionclean water wallet.png

The Clean Water Wallet investor cash management tools provide the convenience of a Visa ® (NYSE: V) contactless debit card issued by Sutton Bank (member FDIC) that is linked to a federally insured Sutton Bank account and a brokerage account hosted at DriveWealth (member of FINRA and SIPC).  ICM's patent-pending technology allows immediate access to cash and invested funds for in-store and online purchases, ATM withdrawals, and bill payments. Users can manage their accounts via a Clean Water Action-branded Apple/Android app and corresponding web portal.  

The Clean Water Wallet combines the familiar convenience of a traditional bank account with the benefits of a brokerage account.  It employs best-in-class technology and also incorporates financial education to provide access to quality investment products to all accountholders and seeks to reduce racial and gender investment gaps. Moreover, its investment offerings are ESG screened for social and environmental benefit.

Robert Wendelgass, Clean Water Action’s CEO, commented: “More people care about climate change and its devastating impacts on our water today than ever before. Consumers want to know their money is being used for solutions and is not making the climate crisis worse. This first-of-its kind partnership with ICM is our response to that growing demand.”

Jonathan Scott, Business Partnerships Manager for Clean Water Action adds: "Our hundreds of thousands of members and millions of other people just like them all across the U.S. should be able to manage and invest their cash in ways that align with their personal values and earn solid financial returns at the same time. Our innovative Clean Water Wallet provides easy to use tools that make that possible.”

Fred Phillips, CEO of ICM, said: "ICM was created to provide both new and experienced investors a better way to manage their assets while promoting values-based investing. By partnering with Clean Water Action to provide unique investor cash management accounts, its members and supporters can build both a better financial future for themselves and a sustainable future for our planet.”

Tolan Steele, Visa Global Head of Core Products, commented, “Visa strives to be an industry leader in addressing the environmental, social and governance (ESG) topics most significant to our role as a payments technology company and to meet and exceed the expectations of our stakeholders.”

Clean Water Action members and other environmentally concerned consumers can access the Clean Water Wallet’s user-friendly savings and investment solutions simply by downloading the app (iOS or Android) and begin putting their money to work today for a better future.



Clean Water Action: 50th Anniversary

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Jon Scott, Clean Water Action