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What a year this has been! We celebrated a huge win for public health and the environment when we passed the nationally recognized bill that bans PFAS in firefighting foam, establishes a state take back program, requires the use of a safe, effective fluorine free foam and bans PFAS in food packaging.

We also fought building a new fracked gas power plant, pressed for reducing harmful transportation emissions that cause air pollution, pushed for clean, renewable energy for all and are leading efforts to reduce plastic pollution by expanding our Re-Think Disposable program in schools and restaurants.

We simply could not do this work without the generous donations of friends like you and we’re excited to launch our CLEAN WATER WEEK OF GIVING campaign to assure that we can do even more in 2022—our 50th anniversary when we celebrated our first win—passage of the Clean Water Act.

Each day Dec 13-17, we’ll highlight our work and 5 key goals for 2022. Our goal: Raise $5000 to make sure we build on our wins and are poised to do even more for you—and our 50th year. Be a part of our team. Pick your day and give as generously as you can.

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  1. DAY 1: Advocate for expanded monitoring of PFAS in water sources, push for health protective drinking water standards and continue work with policy makers to reduce PFAS and plastic pollution by restricting unnecessary uses of PFAS in products. 
  2. DAY 2: Mitigate climate change and reduce air pollutants by establishing cleaner emission standards for medium and heavy-duty trucks.
  3. DAY 3: Fighting for clean energy: We won’t stop until we have a commitment that the fracked gas power plant in Killingly CT will NOT be built.
  4. DAY 4: Supporting energy justice: Helping residents in communities of color and low income take advantage of programs to insulate their homes reduces energy use and carbon emissions while making their homes safer and more affordable. A win for CT residents and climate.
  5. DAY 5: ReThink Disposable. Reducing single use plastics and food service ware saves money and dramatically reduces plastic pollution and litter that chokes our waterways and ends up in Long Island Sound. Help us make CT a leader by adopting our unique ReThink Disposable program for schools and restaurants.

FIVE DAYS, FIVE GOALS. Make your donation and be part of our winning team!

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