Tell McDonald's: Go PFAS Free!

Tell McDonalds to go PFAS free

More than a million Big Mac boxes are used and thrown out each each day. New test results show that those boxes may contribute to the PFAS “forever chemicals” pollution crisis.  In this new study, the Big Mac box tested positive for PFAS, as did a McDonald’s fry bag and cookie bag.

This study shows that McDonald’s could be responsible for a whole lot of toxic trash. And once PFAS-containing trash goes into a landfill or incinerator, the chemicals can end up in our air and water.

Tell McDonald’s: Your customers don’t want these chemicals in their food. And no one wants them polluting the environment forever either!

PFAS chemicals are used in food packaging due to their water- and grease-resistant properties. The packaging is only used once, but the PFAS lasts forever in the environment!  PFAS chemicals have been detected in drinking water across the country and in the bodies of most Americans. These chemicals have been linked to increased risk for certain cancers, immune system suppression, and reduced birth weight.