What's Your Park Story?

Our nation’s parks face unprecedented threats from local budget cuts and encroaching oil and gas development. Even during the coronavirus crisis, the Department of the Interior is working to sacrifice our public lands and parks to the benefit of the oil and gas industry, and cut the budget of the Land and Water Conservation Fund, a critical program that funds conservation, infrastructure, improvements, and programming at parks across the country - from the Grand Canyon National Park to neighborhood parks like yours.

What can you do about it? Send us a story about your favorite park and why it matters. Whether it’s a park you had a memorable vacation at or the neighborhood park that you are visiting today, we would love to add your story to the growing cacophony of voices speaking out to protect our parks.

Videos are great, but we'll take drawings, short stories, and pictures -- just make sure to identify the park and where it is located.

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Tell us your Park Story!