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2019 Clean Water Virginia Candidate Endorsements

The 2019 elections present a huge opportunity to flip the Virginia House of Delegates to pro-environment leaders who will help advance clean water priorities during the Virginia General Assembly legislative session in 2020. More than ever we need pro-environment candidates elected to office to stand up to the Trump administration and EPA administrator Wheeler’s attacks on key water protections. Every vote for the environment matters.

In Virginia, it is clear which candidates will support bold action to protect our environment and the health of our communities. Clean Water Action enthusiastically endorses Dan Helmer (HD-40), Hala Ayala (HD-51), and Wendy Gooditis (HD-10), for Virginia’s House of Delegates this fall! 

Clean Water sent questionnaires to the candidates and their opponents about various environmental priorities for Virginia. All three Clean Water candidates scored positively on:

  • supporting legislation that requires utility investments in carbon-free renewable energy, with a 2050 deadline for 100% renewable energy in Virginia.
  • supporting legislation for Virginia to formally join the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative.
  • supporting consistent funding for the permanent implementation of the Virginia Council on Environmental Justice.
  • supporting legislation that restricts PFAS chemicals in firefighting foam and in food packaging and food service ware.
  • supporting $50 million annually for the Stormwater Local Assistance Fund (SLAF).
  • supporting fully funding the Virginia Agricultural Cost-Share Program.
  • opposing efforts to open Virginia’s coasts to drilling for oil and natural gas.

We asked the candidates to describe their top three environmental priorities they would address if elected/re-elected to office.

If elected, Dan will:

  • Fight to protect Virginia’s coasts from drilling for oil and natural gas.
  • Support and patron legislation that moves Virginia into the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, guiding Virginia into the transition to renewable energy.
  • Invest in public transit, and in turn reduce carbon emissions, by restoring Metro funding, expanding the Virginia Railway Express to Prince William County, and building more and higher quality bus stops around Fairfax.

If re-elected, Hala will:

  • Fight to hold electric monopolies accountable when they pollute the Commonwealth’s water.
  • Support ways in which the Commonwealth can introduce cleaner alternatives to burning fossil fuels to power the electricity grid in Virginia.
  • Work to address inequities in how climate change affects communities with low income residents and people of color.

If re-elected, Wendy will:

  • Fight to reduce the amount of political clout that utility companies have in Virginia.
  • Support ways in which the Commonwealth can limit usage of single use plastics in an equitable way.
  • Work to encourage more investment in renewable energies, such as solar.

We need strong environmental advocates like Dan, Hala, and Wendy in the House of Delegates to build on environmental and public health protections and stand up to those beholden to the fossil fuel industry and chemical corporations who want to take us backwards by undermining landmark environmental policies. Vote for clean water on November 5th!