Tracking Congress' Environmental Record -- 116th Congress

Capitol Building - Washington DC

The 2018 midterm elections were historic and changed things. After two years of a Congress that let the Trump administration put polluters first, we elected clean water leaders throughout the country. Instead of facing a pro-polluter majority the House of Representatives is now led by a coalition of leaders who will prioritize our water, health, and communities.

Though the Trump administration is still stacked with industry allies and continues to pursue its Dirty Water Agenda, the leadership in the U.S. House can hold the Administration accountable. 

We're tracking important votes from the 116th Congress that impact our water, health, climate, and communities.These votes will inform our 2020 Congressional scorecard which will be released in summer 2020, ahead of the general election.

Check out the votes here.

Make sure to check back periodically. We'll add votes as they come in and eventually add information about how your Senators and Representative voted.

Check out our scorecard from the last Congress (115th) here.