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April 22, 2022

Trenton, NJ -- EmpowerNJ issued the following statement and released the attached report estimating that New Jersey’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions have increased by up to 19% from 6 major fossil fuel expansion projects approved by the Murphy Administration over the past 4 years and have the potential to increase an additional 38% if 7 pending projects are approved and completed during his 2nd term.[1

April 21, 2022

PROVIDENCE – Today, Clean Water Action is excited to announce their 2022 Environmental Champions: Kate Michaud, Liza Burkin, Attorney General Peter Neronha, and former Director of the Rhode Island Department of Health Dr. Nicole Alexander-Scott. Additionally, Meg Kerr is this year’s recipient of the David R. Gerraughty Award for Lifetime Commitment to the Environment.

Child looking out of a window, drinking water from a glass.
April 15, 2022

Last year Clean Water Action helped to pass a ban on PFAS (The Forever Chemicals) in food packaging and successfully worked to protect more Minnesota children from lead, but our work to protect you and your family from toxics doesn’t stop there!

This session, Clean Water Action will be working hard to:

Plastic bag waste -- credit wikicommons
April 13, 2022

Just in time for Earth Day, Pittsburgh City Council unanimously passed a ban on wasteful single-use plastic bags. 

April 11, 2022

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Thanks to you, we’re working to protect public health and the environment for all Rhode Islanders every day. We’re working to reduce exposure to toxic PFAS in consumer goods, reduce plastic waste, and make sure polluters clean up after themselves. 

Official portrait of Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson-wikimedia
April 7, 2022

WASHINGTON, DC – Following the historic confirmation of Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson to the United States Supreme Court, a broad coalition of environmental, climate, and public health advocacy groups jointly celebrate the Senate’s decision.   

April 5, 2022

On March 23 this year, Mayor Brandon Scott and the DPW announced a one-year pilot program that would have the city contract with third-party cleanup services directly and send them to the people experiencing backups. With the reimbursement program, residents need to pay for cleanup and then request reimbursement.

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April 4, 2022

Clean Water Action and Clean Water Fund are recognizing the people and organizations who have made choices that have prevented pollution from entering our environment.  Some actions are big, some are small, but all of them matter.

Want to nominate an individual or a company? Visit this page to complete the form.

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March 31, 2022

The goal of the Center is to solve drinking water challenges with equitable solutions that address water pollution at the source. Polluting industries, not vulnerable communities, should bear the cost of cleaning up pollution that threatens drinking water sources.