Huge Progress on Chemicals of Concern in Connecticut

The team at the Chemicals of Concern Event in CT in June 2017

June 14th, 2017 was a milestone for Connecticut as members of Clean Water Action and the Coalition for a Safe and Healthy CT joined with the Commissioners from the Departments of Consumer Protection (DCP), Public Health (DPH) and the Deputy Commissioner of the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) as they announced the launch of a new initiative to identify and list chemicals of concern to children and to put helpful fact sheets and scientific information on a dedicated website, making access to information easy for all Connecticut residents. 

Clean Water and the Coalition worked for several years on legislative proposals to accomplish this but faced overwhelming opposition and intense lobbying by the chemical and business associations.  As a result, the Coalition began working with agency staff and officials to garner support for an administrative approach to providing science based information on chemicals of concern to children commonly found in consumer products and in our homes. 

The Commissioners from DCP, DPH and the Deputy Commissioner from DEEP spoke about their commitment to working together to identify chemicals that pose a risk to children and providing helpful information to residents to make safe choices. The Deputy Commissioner of DEEP also said that this initiative could help reduce these chemicals from getting into the environment when products are disposed of.  This was the launch of an on-going program that will help inform, educate and protect all of us, and most importantly, children. 

Coalition members were thrilled to be joined by Senator Terry Gerratana and Representative Jonathan Steinberg, long-standing supporters and champions of our work and gave a special shout out to our tireless champion for children, Representative Diana Urban who was unable to join us.  We applaud all of these legislative leaders, in addition to all the agency staff leaders and many more that have worked with us over the years on precedent setting policies that reduce exposure to toxic chemicals, particularly for our most vulnerable--developing babies and young children.

A huge thanks to all our Coalition partners and friends.  For years, they have been by our side as we worked hard to enact more health protective policies.  Without them, this new initiative wouldn't have happened.  Stay tuned!!