Kenilworth Park

From 1942 -1970's Kenilworth Park was a landfill where the District burned trash. Open burning was finally halted in 1968 after 7-year-old Kelvin Mock died at Kenilworth Park. In 1970 it was closed and covered with a soil “cap” and turned into a park, however there are still some dangerous chemicals from the landfill down in the soil today. Planning is underway to remediate the site along with the southern half of Kenilworth Park. Kenilworth Park North is legislated to be transferred to the District of Columbia, while Kenilworth Park South will remain under the management of the National Park Service.

DC-Kenilworth Aerial-Michael Bochynski.jpg

Kenilworth Park Restoration Plan

After decades of planning, there is finally a proposed plan to clean up Kenilworth Park.