Thea Louis - National Water Projects Coordinator

Clean Water Action: Girl drinking water from a faucet juxtaposed with polluted water sign

Public Participation for Pollution Protection

May 13, 2022

This year, we’re celebrating Clean Water Action’s 50th birthday and the 50th anniversary of the Clean Water Act - our nation’s bedrock environmental law passed in 1972 with the help of our founder David Zwick. This law ensures that our rivers, streams, lakes and other surface waters are protected.

Thea Louis - National Water Projects Coordinator

Keeping an Eye on Justice40

February 16, 2022

It has been a year since the Biden Administration announced its Justice40 executive order. Justice40 is an unprecedented commitment to federal investment in environmental justice (EJ) initiatives. Importantly, funding has been specifically earmarked to ensure that “disadvantaged” communities have improved access to clean water, clean air, and other basic needs.