Jennifer Kunze - Program Organizer

Baltimore's stormwater remediation fee could be funding green stormwater restoration projects like this rain garden in McElderry Park. Photo by Jennifer Kunze.

City Council calls for Transparency and Accountability in Stormwater Project Funding

June 10, 2016

Last night, the Baltimore City Council held a public hearing on two ordinances that would provide transparency and accountability for how funds being collected from Baltimore City residents intended to be used for stormwater infrastructure improvements and environmental restoration are being spent. Check out the bills for yourself:

New agreements show slow progress in fixing Baltimore sewer spills

June 6, 2016

One of my favorite places to ride my bike in Baltimore is the Jones Falls Trail between North Avenue and Druid Hill Park. The trail follows the last section of the Jones Falls before it flows underground in pipes underneath downtown on its way to the Inner Harbor, in a narrow stream valley below the traffic of I-83.

Oil train rally in Baltimore. Call Council President James Kraft Today!

A Set-Back on Oil Trains. But It's Not Over

May 31, 2016

Oil train safety advocates in Baltimore received disappointing news last week. 

Tunnel entrance - Baltimore. Photo Credit Jennifer Kunze / Clean Water Action

Tell The Federal Railway Administration to Protect Railway Safety

May 13, 2016

In February, Baltimore oil trains activists gathered to learn about a deadly accident in Lac-Mégantic three years ago. Railroad Workers United representative Fritz Edler joined a resident of Lac-Mégantic to explain how policy decisions, like staffing that train with only one crew member, led to the train derailment and explosion in the middle of that small town.

Tunnel entrance - Baltimore. Photo Credit Jennifer Kunze / Clean Water Action

Oil Trains and Orioles Don't Mix

April 8, 2016

This 100+-year-old tunnel runs 1.4 miles from Howard Street to Mt Royal Ave, surfacing between the campuses of the University of Baltimore and MICA. And for the past five years, trains carrying crude oil from North Dakota have been passing through the tunnel on their way to refineries and export terminals in Delaware, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. This puts hundreds of thousands of Baltimore residents in danger on their way.

We Are Not Drowning! We Are Fighting!

March 28, 2016

“We are not drowning! We are fighting! We are not drowning! We are fighting!” Those words echoed in the rafters as more than 200 gathered for the Baltimore premiere of How to Let Go of the World and Love All the Things Climate Can’t Change.

Joining the Team to Fight for Maryland

February 23, 2016

I’d like to introduce myself as Clean Water Action’s new Maryland Program Organizer! I started just two weeks ago, and I could not be more excited to work with you to protect clean water and healthy environments in our state.

Protecting Baltimore from Oil Trains

February 16, 2016

Oil production in North America has skyrocketed in the past five years, with industries using increasingly dangerous and desperate technologies to extract fossil fuels from the ground.