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Corn field -- credit Jeff Laitila -- Flickr Creative Commons

We need more than just voluntary actions to clean up this mess and make these polluters pay their fair share of the cleanup costs.  Everyone in Minnesota needs to have access to safe and affordable drinking water. 

Send a letter to Governor Walz asking him to be a champion for our water and make corporate industrial ag clean up after themselves!

Similar to a business or household, our local governments purchase furniture and supplies for maintenance, cleaning, and other tasks.   Usually, the county will create contracts with vendors that sell these products in order to make it easier to purchase large quantities.  These large contracts are an opportunity to be more sustainable – the county can require that vendors provide options for products that are better for the environment. 

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Plastic bags litter our streets and streams, and their creation and disposal contributes to air and water pollution and climate change. Email the Mayor and City Council: it's about time to #ReThink Disposable plastic bags.

Resonant Energy - Second Church in Dorchester, MA

Massachusetts’ solar program, Solar Massachusetts Renewable Target (SMART), isn’t working for many. The so-called “SMART” program has not resulted in any noticeable number of low income solar projects.  Thankfully, there is opportunity to fix this.  The Department of Energy Resources is currently reviewing the program and has been directed to pay extra attention to low and moderate income solar access.  

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Take Action! DDOT is accepting comments about the bridge through June 21, 2019. Fill out the action below to send your message of support.

Minnesota Capitol / photo: (CC BY 2.0)

This week Governor Walz signed the Firefighter and Children Health Protection Act of 2019 (FCHPA) into law. The FCHPA was one of our biggest priorities this legislative session, because it protects kids and firefighters from dangerous chemicals. With the help of Clean Water Action members, the legislature and Governor Walz recognized the this bill was important to Minnesotans.  This is a big win -- take a minute to thank your elected officials for putting the health of Minnesota families first!

Please contact your local officials to let them know you would like to see a single-use plastics ordinance in your hometown.