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Earlier this year the State Water Resources Control Board (the Board) planned to propose a final drinking water standard for Chrome 6 in the spring.  That has slipped to “late fall”, but there is no guarantee that is going to happen.  After all, it has taken them 4 years to get this far.  We need your help now to ensure that the standard is not delayed any further and that it is the most health protective rule possible.  Please tell the Board today to set the standard at 1ppb and to do it quickly.

NJ_Fracking_DRBC_Coalition_Photo by Delaware Riverkeeper Network

The Delaware River Basin Commission (DRBC), a regional governing body that protects the health and safety of the Delaware River Watershed, is made up of the four governors of New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware, as well a representative from the Army Corps of Engineers.

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Good news! The NJ Senate passed the Recycled Content Bill (S2515) to require post-consumer recycled content in packaging and to strengthen the market for recyclable materials. This is a huge step toward keeping new fossil fuel-derived plastics out of the waste stream! Now the Assembly needs to act on companion bill A4676. This bill will help set a standard for recycling across the entire northeast. 


The Austin City Council is holding a public hearing on July 29 on a suite of measures that will save water customers money, build resilience to climate change, and help make sure Austin will have the water it needs as it grows. These measures, part of the city’s long-range water supply plan called Water Forward, will require large new developments to capture and use onsite AC condensate, rainwater, and other water streams for irrigation, toilet flushing, and more.


We need to act fast. An Act to Improve Outdoor and Indoor Air Quality for Communities Burdened by Transportation Pollution will improve indoor and outdoor air quality. An Act Restricting Toxic PFAS Chemicals in Consumer Products to Protect Our Health will ban the use of toxic PFAS in carpets, rugs, upholstered furniture, textile sprays, car seats, personal care products, and cookware.

You can help end and reduce these toxic routes of exposure by sending a message to your representatives below!

toxic chemicals_pfas_food packaging_RI_rhode island

McDonalds is doing it. Taco Bell is doing it. Whole Foods is doing it. New York and Washington States are doing it.

They are all getting PFAS out of their packaging. Now’s the time for California to do the same!

The California Safer Food Packaging and Cookware Act (AB1200) bans toxic PFAS chemicals in paper food packaging; requires that cookware manufacturers disclose hazardous chemicals; and stops misleading advertising about unsafe chemicals in cookware.

Tell Governor Newsom to sign the bill today!

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They’re at it again. The state legislature is bringing back failed legislation (HB 1144) that would rollback protections for shallow oil and gas drilling to 1980’s standards.