Thank Governor Raimondo for committing to mandatory emissions reductions

Block Island wind farm

 We know that addressing climate change is priority. Recently, the United Nations released a report that found climate change to be even more of a critical issue than we thought it was. In order to stave off the worst effects of climate change, we must take bold action NOW.

We have such an opportunity here in Rhode Island. Last year, legislation was introduced in the General Assembly that would set mandatory and enforceable carbon emissions reductions for our state. These reductions take place across Rhode Island’s economy and reduce emissions from not only the energy sector, but from transportation and buildings as well. The bill, called the Global Warming Solutions Act, or GWSA, did not pass this year, but it will be introduced again in 2019.

Luckily, we have gained a key ally in the fight to get the GWSA passed: Governor Gina Raimondo. During her campaign for re-election, Governor Raimondo promised to support these mandatory emissions reductions. We want to thank the Governor for her leadership on this issue, but we also want to emphasize how critical it is to take bold climate action NOW.