Tell our legislators: Don't raid the Bottle Bill!

Pile of cololrful plastic bottles. Photo Credit: Don Pablo/Shutterstock

Michigan’s bottle deposit law, the “bottle bill” was passed by Michigan voters with broad bipartisan support to address litter and provide funding to cleanup our water. For years, Clean Water Action has advocated for expanding the bottle bill to include noncarbonated beverages. But today, the bottle bill is under attack in Lansing and we need your help to fight back! Contact your lawmakers today (link to action)

Right now, pending legislation in the State House would raid $21 million from bottle deposit revenue that is meant for our contaminated site cleanup program. From PFAS to green ooze, Michigan has over 24,000 contaminated sites. We need more money for cleanup, not less. The state already lack the funding to address contaminated sites and water bodies – this is why we’ve been leading efforts to pass polluter pay laws and hold corporations accountable for the pollution they create. Taking $21 million away from contaminated site cleanup is irresponsible and short-sighted.

The legislature needs a super majority vote to raid the revenue from the bottle bill. Don’t let them get there. Take action today (link) and ask your State House Representative and State Senator to protect our bottle bill and our contaminated site cleanup program by opposing HB 5423!