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Despite Governor Lamont’s commitment to a clean energy grid by 2040, the proposal to build a large, 650 megawatt fracked gas power plant in Killingly CT is moving forward.  This proposal, started under the previous Governor, was touted as a necessary bridge fuel to assure that New England residents would have enough electricity even in times of peak demand.  

A 2020 report by Acadia Center states that “…under current plans and laws, New England’s reliance on natural gas to fuel power plants could drop from 45% to approximately 10% of its electricity needs in 2030, making any investment in new gas pipelines or plants unnecessary and therefore costly.”

The plant requires the building of a new gas pipeline across the state to transport the gas and the plant, once built, will discharge “treated” wastewater into the Quinebaug River.  This wastewater will contain pollutants, heavy metals and potentially PFAS chemicals. 

If we are to meet the critical reductions in carbon emissions in Connecticut, protect public health and our waters, we simply must stop the build out of fracked gas infrastructure and this huge power plant.  Across the state, people are calling on Governor Lamont and the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection Commissioner Dykes to whatever they can to stop this plant from being built and we need your help!