Tell EPA: Clean Water Can't Wait

mountain stream

Good news!

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has proposed to undo the Dirty Water Rule—the harmful Trump administration policy that gutted Clean Water Act protections for vital streams and wetlands. EPA must act quickly to undo the Dirty Water Rule and then work to restore strong protections to all of our water.

The Dirty Water Rule gave oil and gas companies, developers, and the mining industry a greenlight to pollute and destroy streams and wetlands across the country. Thousands of waters have been denied protection, including wetlands and impermantly flowing streams, which provide invaluable ecosystem “services” that benefits to communities. These waters feed drinking water sources, prevent and minimize flooding, and even filter out pollution that can cause toxic algae outbreaks.

Clean water can’t wait. Protecting our families and neighbors from water pollution and flooding is something everyone should support. Yet the industries that benefit financially from polluting our water are already pushing back against this commonsense proposal. We need your voice to win strong Clean Water Act protections!

We need you to tell EPA to protect clean water—take action today!