Tell Congress to support the Frack Pack to protect communities!

Drilling rig in Lost Hills, photo by A. Grinberg

The oil and gas industry has leveraged its massive political spending, lobbying and public relations spin machine into loopholes across our federal environmental laws and regulations. This special treatment means that when oil and gas companies profit, they put our water, air, health at risk, while fueling the climate crisis. These loopholes amount to subsidies - allowing the fossil fuel industry to profit and pass on their costs to the public in the form of polluted water, air and the climate crisis.

Congress can take a big step toward safeguarding our water and health from oil and gas by passing the “Frack Pack,” a set of five bills which closes some of the biggest loopholes in our bedrock environmental laws. The Frack Pack includes:

  • FRAC Act closes the “Halliburton Loophole” which exempts hydraulic fracturing from the Safe Drinking Water Act Underground Injection Control (UIC) program. This would ensure fracking projects obtain a UIC permit and would require public disclosure of chemicals used in frack fluid.

  • FRESHER Act closes the loophole for oil and gas companies in the Clean Water Act which exempts their operations from stormwater management requirements, and would launch a study to better understand the effect of stormwater runoff from oil and gas operations.

  • SHARED Act protects communities by requiring oil and gas companies to monitor and report on the impacts of their fracking activity on water quality..

  • CLEANER Act eliminates the exemption for oil and gas companies and geothermal energy in the Resources Conservation and Recovery Act, which governs disposal of hazardous materials. 

  • CLOSE Act closes the 'aggregation exemption' written into the Clean Air Act for oil and gas activities, which allows fossil fuel production, processing, storage, and transmission to emit a range of hazardous air pollutants as isolated small air-pollution point sources without meaningful regulation by EPA.

In order to move these bills through Congress, we need more Members to sign on as cosponsors and commit to supporting the Frack Pack. Email your representative today and urge them to sign on in support of the Frack Pack bills.