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For many years, Clean Water Action has been committed to banning PFAS in consumer products but we are also committed to addressing PFAS contamination from other sources such as waste. Recently, Clean Water Action joined the Clean Air Taunton Coalition to fight against a proposed sludge incinerator in Taunton which would release PFAS and other contaminants into the air, water, and soil of the local communities. 

The four-acre project is in consideration to be built at the southern end of the City’s existing landfill adjacent to East Britannia Street. The most severe impacts would be on the Whienton and School St neighborhoods close to designated EJ areas. The Aries Sewage sludge facility could send these airborne toxins throughout our Taunton and impact our friends and neighbors in Raynham, Easton, Dighton, Rehoboth, and beyond. 

We know our human waste has to be processed somehow, but the City of Taunton could invest in a city-wide composting system, implement reuse systems to reduce the demand for single-use items, and support state legislation to improve recycling. It is possible to move away from landfills and incinerators and protect our communities from pollution at the same time. 

Please tell City Councilor Jeff Postell and City Councilor David Pottier to voice their opposition against the proposed Aries Sludge incinerator and protect Taunton from PFAS pollution.

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