Stop The Use of Oil Wastewater for Irrigating Crops

In Kern County, the heart of the state's oil and gas industry, and the nation's produce basket, about 45,000 acres of cropland are irrigated with oil and gas wastewater that can contain harmful compounds like arsenic, benzne acetone, and methyl choride. That's about 10 percent of the county's farmland being watered with potentially toxic water.

Incredibly, there has been no comprehensive independent testing to ensure the safety of this practice for our food or the people growing it.

The state has convened an "expert food safety panel" to make recommendations regarding how to regulate, or whether to prohibit this practice, but in the meantime water regulators continue to allow this practice  to happen despite the uncertainty of its safety.

Join us today and send a message to the Central Valley Water Board to halt the irrigation of crops with wastewater until it can be proven safe.