Stop the Dirty Water Rule!

Trump's Environmental Protection Agency has proposed a radical reinterpretation of the Clean Water Act. The Dirty Water Rule is a dangerous scheme that will wipe out Clean Water Act safeguards for streams and wetlands throughout the nation. The proposal doesn't protect our water. Instead of moving us closer to a day when all of our water is swimmable, fishable, and drinkable, it takes us backward.

The Dirty Water Rule ignores science, the rule of law, and public opinion. The only people who wanted EPA to weaken protections for water bodies are the executives and lobbyists for industries who will profit if it is easier to pave over or plow under a stream or wetlands. The public expects the government to do more, not less to safeguard or water and health.

Help us stop the Dirty Water Rule. Send a message to EPA right now. Let the agency know that you oppose the Dirty Water Rule and that you expect it to do more to protect clean water.