Protect Communities from Oil and Gas Pollution

Oil wells and pipelines - Belridge Oil Field

You can help protect the millions of Californians hurt by polluting oil and gas drilling practices by taking action right now! Tell your legislators to support SB 467.

While consistently praised for our environmental leadership, California still has a long way to go to truly protect people and communities. The state continues to give the oil industry a slap on the wrist at most, allowing companies to get away with polluting our communities. The state is abandoning over 7.5 million Californians living within a mile of an oil or gas well, putting oil industry’s corporate greed ahead of their health. 

Those most impacted by this are low-income communities of color. But local elected officials constantly ignore pleas to protect these Californians. They allow our most vulnerable residents -- like children, those suffering illness, and the elderly – to face pollution from oil and gas operations that can lead to enumerable health impacts, including asthma, cancer and pulmonary and cardiovascular diseases.

It’s time for that to end. SB 467 (Wiener/Limón), the End to Fracking and Dangerous Drilling Act, would end dangerous drilling practices that lead to severe air pollution and place both our surface and ground water at risk. In addition, this bill would place a 2500 foot health and safety buffer zone between oil and gas drilling and sensitive sites such as schools, hospitals, and neighborhoods. Finally, SB 467 will create a safety net for oil field workers so that they may justly transition into green jobs and away from an inevitably dying industry.  

Please join our impacted families and send a message to your state senator today asking them to support SB 467 so that we can finally begin to protect low-income families of color from the oil industry’s greed.

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