Pass a Recycled Content Bill in New Jersey!

nj-plastics coalition action

Good news! The Recycled Content Bill (S2515/A4676), which passed in the New Jersey State Senate in June, recently passed out of the Assembly Environment Committee and we hope will move on to the Assembly Appropriations Committee.

This bill would require post-consumer recycled content in a variety of packaging products. After two years, rigid plastic containers and bottles will be required to respectively meet 25% and 15% post-consumer recycled content and increase that percentage over time until reaching 50%. The bill also sets content standards and benchmarks for glass containers, paper and plastic carryout bags, and plastic trash bags. 

This will be a huge step toward keeping new fossil-fuel derived plastics out of the waste stream and strengthening the market for recyclable materials. Take action and urge your Assembly members to support S2515/A4676 and continue moving this bill forward for a floor vote when the Assembly reconvenes in December. 

Also under consideration with heavy lobbying by the chemical industry is bill A5803, which would exempt so-called “advanced chemical recycling” plastic burning facilities from solid waste regulations, making it much easier to establish these polluting technologies and facilities in New Jersey. 

As constituents, we need to make sure our legislators aren’t sidetracked by false solutions like chemical recycling and keep them focused on real solutions like recycled content. Please tell your legislator to strongly oppose A5803.