Oppose the wastewater permit for Killingly fracked gas power plant

CT_Gas Plant_Canva.png

On April 27, the Connecticut Department of Energy & Environmental Protection (DEEP) announced plans to give the proposed Killingly fracked gas power plant a permit to discharge up to 90,000 gallons of wastewater daily. 

The plant requires this permit in order to move forward so this is our opportunity to act! The public comment period ends on May 26th.

The last thing Connecticut needs is a fracked gas power plant! The proposed plant is intended to provide back up power and is a waste of money.  Building another fracked gas power plant only extends our reliance on fossil fuels.  We need to rapidly shift to more energy efficiency and renewable sources of energy.

This dirty wastewater from this plant is likely to contain oil and heavy metals. Wastewater will be treated at the Killingly water treatment plant and then discharged into the Quinebaug River. Despite being treated, the wastewater going into the river will still contain harmful pollutants.

Connecticut set bold targets to dramatically cut carbon emissions by cleaning up transportation emissions, investing in offshore wind and ramping up energy efficiency measures to reduce energy consumption. The last thing we need is to waste money on a fracked gas power plant that will send dirty pollutants to the Quinebaug.

Take action!  Join Clean Water Action and submit your comments today.