Massachusetts - Urge your state legislators to take a stand for health, justice and environment

Massachusetts State House - William Zhang

Massachusetts state legislators have until Friday, February 1st to stand up for health, justice and climate stability by co-sponsoring bills that will be considered during the 2019-2020 legislative session.  When it comes to protecting children from toxic chemicals, getting lead out of drinking water, putting a stop to climate change or protecting our most vulnerable – the time is now.

Clean Water Action is urging legislators to co-sponsor 10 bills this session to:

  1. Put a price on carbon to raise funds to stop climate change while protecting our most vulnerable
  2. Repower Massachusetts with 100% renewable energy
  3. Make sure there’s money to decommission nuclear power plants
  4. Make sure the Pilgrim nuclear power station closure in 2019 is not funded by Massachusetts residents
  5. Create a carbon reduction program for our transportation systems
  6. Ban 11 toxic flame retardants in children’s products, household furniture and more
  7. Require manufacturers of children’s products and more to disclose their use of toxic chemicals
  8. Ban toxic PFAS chemicals in food packaging
  9. Protect environmental justice communities
  10. Protect children from lead in drinking water in schools.

If…no, when…these bills become law, they will go a long way to making Massachusetts a leader on climate change and creating healthy and just communities for all residents.

Massachusetts residents, urge your legislator to stand up for health and climate justice today by co-sponsoring these bills.

For more information, visit Clean Water Action’s Massachusetts Legislative Priorities Page.