Connecticut needs commonsense solutions on PFAS

PFAS (poly and perfluoroalkyl) chemicals are found in firefighting foam, anti-stick cookware, food packaging, anti-stain coatings on carpets and textiles, and water-resistant outerwear. These chemicals don’t break down, last a long time, and accumulate in our bodies and the environment—and they’re toxic. They are linked to kidney and testicular cancers, hormone disruption, thyroid disease, reproductive disorders, infertility, low birth weights, and even resistance to vaccines.

There are commonsense solutions that should be adopted right away. Restricting the use of firefighting foam for training exercises reduces exposure for firefighters and limits water contamination.  Restricting food packaging containing PFAS reduces contamination to food and to the environment when the materials are discarded.

Tell the Connecticut legislature to prioritize protecting our health and water from PFAS chemicals.