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Drawing of girl looking alarmed at the water in the glass she's holding in her hand. Credit Halia Moazami.

With unprecedented federal funding, the support of labor unions, and the opportunity to create good jobs with a prevailing wage, now is the time to take swift and decisive action to get the lead out of Minnesota drinking water, once and for all!

Lead is a highly poisonous metal and can affect almost every organ in the body and the nervous system. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that lead in drinking water can be 20% or more of a person’s lead exposure. Even low-level exposure to lead is linked to cardiovascular disease in adults. Children under 6 and developing fetuses are most susceptible because they absorb more lead than adults and their brains and nervous systems are still developing.

There is no safe level of lead exposure.

We have an opportunity to change that: SF30/HF24 would fund full replacement of lead service lines in Minnesota. When only public lines are replaced, private lines are disturbed, and lead is loosened and sent through lines and into homes and businesses through taps. By fully replacing these lines we are preventing additional unintended exposure and solving the problem once and for all. 

Take action and ask your Representative and Senator to support full lead service line replacement. Everyone - regardless of economic status, the community in which they live, their race, or background, has a right to clean, healthy drinking water.

Write to your Minnesota lawmakers today! ↓


Lead and Drinking Water

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency estimates that lead in drinking water can be 20% or more of a person’s lead exposure. We need to get lead out of contact with water. That’s where full lead service line replacement comes in - alongside advocacy, collaboration, and education.

Report from the White House Summit on Accelerating Lead Pipe Replacement

It’s no small thing to move an issue like lead service line replacement all the way to the White House. Growing recognition that there are still sources of lead in our drinking water systems and that they pose a real health risk has helped propel this issue to the top of the Administration’s agenda.

Ask your Minnesota Lawmakers to prevent PFAS pollution

PFAS chemicals are a class of chemicals most in need of immediate policy action due to their wide-spread use in products, prevalence in breast milk and people’s bodies, and persistence in the environment. Ask your MN lawmakers to support legislation to prevent unnecessary PFAS use, require disclosure when PFAS chemicals are used, and to protect firefighters from PFAS foam today.