Ask your Minnesota Lawmakers to pass the PFAS Prevention Package

Items known to have PFAS chemicals: carpeting, non-stick cookware, rainjackets, tap water

PFAS chemicals are a class of chemicals most in need of immediate policy action due to their wide-spread use in products, prevalence in breast milk and people’s bodies, and persistence in the environment. Known as “forever chemicals” due to their inability to break down, PFAS also persists in the waste stream, contaminating our soil, air, and water.

Research at the CDC links PFAS to a variety of health concerns including decreased fertility, liver damage, and increased risk of asthma. Despite industry claims, the newer generation of PFAS chemicals shouldn’t be considered safe. Studies by the National Institute of Environmental Health revealed that seven current-use PFAS induced similar toxicity as their phased-out counterparts.

We are asking the state of Minnesota to heed the call of EPA Administrator Michael Regan when he stated: “Every level of government — from local, to state, to Tribal, to federal will need to exercise increased and sustained leadership to truly make progress on PFAS.”

When it comes to PFAS "forever chemicals", we need to stop pollution at the source. By banning PFAS use in our everyday products, we can reduce exposure in our homes while also preventing these toxic chemicals from ending up in our soil, air and water. This legislative session, we are pursuing what we're calling the PFAS Prevention Package. Click here to download our factsheet and learn more.

These bills are moving in the Minnesota State House, but the Senate has refused to hear even a single bill.  They need to hear from all of us that now is the time to take action on PFAS – they need to hear and consider the bills in the PFAS Prevention Package.

All Senators can benefit from hearing this message, but it is Republican leadership and Committee Chairs that have the power to do something, so ask your Senator to put pressure on Senate leadership to consider this package of bills. Please send a message today.