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Texas's legislative session lasts just five months every other year and until May 29th, elected officials and advocates across Texas will be busy at work. Your State Representatives & Senators in Austin will listen when their voters talk! Take action now to let your Texas lawmakers know that as a constituent, you want them to prioritize protecting clean water, investing in our water infrastructure, acting on climate, and making polluters pay.

Clean Water Action's our priorities for the 2023 Texas legislative session are in the message below and we encourage you to make it your own and add a personalized message. There is strength in numbers and together we can achieve a healthy happy state for the Texans of today and tomorrow. Make your voice heard and write to your lawmakers today! ↓


Our Clean Water Priorities for the 2023 Texas Legislative Session

For roughly five months in odd-numbered years, elected officials and advocates across Texas are busy at work passing legislation through the House and Senate and to the Governor's desk. Here are the top efforts and issues that Clean Water Action is prioritizing during the current Texas legislative session that ends on May 29th - and how you can take action.
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