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Office Manager

Vivian joined Clean Water Action as the Office Manager of the Providence Field Canvass office in spring of 2021. During her time here, she began working on the LGBTQ+ Caucus and helped build it up to what it is today! She also joined the Peer Resource program because she believes that every person has a safe space where they can go without worry.

A Rhode Island native, Vivian grew up in Cumberland and has spent most of her life in the ocean state. After spending time in Colorado and Nevada, she found her way back to Little Rhody. She loves taking trips to Beavertail in Jamestown, as well as exploring the diverse streets of Providence. Her dream has always is to open a café that is a queer inclusive space, to give people like her a safe space to exist that isn’t a bar, club, or LGBT center; something she wishes she had when she was younger.

Her passion for politics was ignited when she began working for Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign in 2016 as an data entry intern in Las Vegas, Nevada. During this time, she traveled to other state offices to assist in their efforts. She prides herself in her political work, especially in the realm of LGBTQIA+ topics, having advocated for comprehensive sexual education in Las Vegas.

Outside of work hours, Vivian is currently working on a fantasy novel, writes and produces music, streams on, and produces a storytelling podcast with her friends.

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