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Associate State Director

Maureo Fernández y Mora is an alumna of the United World College and Smith College. Originally from New México, Maureo was introduced to the environmental justice movement in high school, and spent time organizing around clean energy replacement in predominantly communities of color.

While attending Smith College, Maureo joined the Clean Water Action canvass office in Northampton. After graduating in 2017 with a Bachelor’s in Government concentrating in international relations, Maureo spent some time as a canvass trainer before joining the Boston program office as the Massachusetts Drinking Water Advocate.

Currently, Maureo is focused on lead and drinking water and works to prioritize environmental justice communities that bear a disproportionate burden when it comes to environmental impacts. Maureo believes that care of the environment is, at its core, a social justice issue. Therefore, Maureo works to center underprivileged communities in ways that interrupt racism, classism, sexism, and other institutional oppressions.

Outside of work hours, Maureo enjoys cooking, playing and writing music, and cleaning the kitchen.

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