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Julia Russell

Massachusetts Development Associate

Julia Russell grew up in Dartmouth, Massachusetts. She first become politically involved during high school when she lobbied against national maternal mortality rates in Washington, D.C.

Julia has spent the past several years in New York City, first as a student and then working in development. She graduated from a dual degree program with Columbia University and the Jewish Theological Seminary of America, where she majored in Environmental Biology and Modern Jewish Studies, respectively. She taught conservation and environmentalism to young people as an ecology educator, first in Colorado and then in western Connecticut. She then worked at a Jewish non-profit, doing hands-on work with Jewish philanthropic women in New York City.

Driven by a lifelong passion for environmental and racial justices, and motivated as a volunteer on progressive congressional campaigns in 2018, Julia sought opportunities to return to Massachusetts as an environmental advocate.

Julia joined the Clean Water team in early 2019, and is excited to expand the Clean Water Community as the Massachusetts Development Associate. She believes that environmental justice and social justice walk hand-in-hand, and is thrilled to have this work be part of her daily life.

When Julia has free time, she likes to fill it with cooking, baking, yoga, running, art, and greeting dogs on the street.