Stop Bernhardt

Stop Bernhardt!

Protect our Air, Lands, and Water 

During his tenure at the Department of the Interior, Bernhardt: 

  • Blocked the release of a report by his agency’s own scientists that detailed significant risks posted by several pesticides to over 1200 endangered species.

  • Refused to maintain a consistent public calendar that would give Congress and the American people insight into his daily meetings.

  • Promised the oil and gas industry swift action on drilling opportunities in the Alaskan National Wildlife Refuge, promising he would “move very, very quickly on that project” to expedite the permitting process.

  • Halted DOI policy that took climate impacts into account when considering federal oil, gas and coal leasing.

Too many conflicts to remember

Bernhardt reportedly had to carry around a list of his former clients to remember them, but now that his ethics recusals have expired his ability to give favors to his former clients has only increased. 

If you agree that American families deserve an Interior Secretary who will take the mission of the office seriously, join us!

Take action!

Stop Bernhardt!