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This year, residents of Baltimore City will vote for their next Mayor, Comptroller, and City Council. The leaders chosen in this unprecedented, delayed, vote-by-mail election will face enormous challenges that will shape people's lives and the city's future for decades to come, from Clean Water Action priorities like better assistance for people dealing with sewage backups and better protection for our drinking water sources, to the public health response to the coronavirus crisis, already exacerbated by the poor air quality and environmental racism that many Baltimore City residents have faced for decades. The next administration must show progressive leadership that can build on the past four years' success and reform city government to make it more transparent and accessible to the public.

Clean Water Action spent this winter learning about, speaking with, and evaluating the candidates running for local offices in 2020. Through questionnaires, interviews, and research, we worked to identify the candidates best suited to create the change Baltimore City needs to become a healthier, more sustainable city. Our endorsed candidates demonstrated that they can move this agenda forward: either through a track record of success and support for environmental legislation in elected office, or through significant prior experience in environmental issues and city government that will be necessary to solve the complicated challenges the city faces. These candidates were selected by our endorsement committee, which represents different view points and walks of life of people living in Baltimore City.

Clean Water Action is proud to endorse these three candidates for city-wide office:

  • Brandon Scott for Mayor. As a member of the City Council for the past eight years and President of the City Council since May 2019, Scott has demonstrated his commitment to equity, accountability, transparency, and reform. In his interview, he demonstrated a deep understanding of Baltimore City government and dedication to the structural reforms that are necessary to improve the air and water of Baltimore City and the health of its residents. In Baltimore City, the mayor wields enormous power over the day-to-day operations of city government that impact people's health and quality of life, and the larger administrative policies that shape it, from managing litter pickup and polluted runoff to monitoring the safety of our drinking water reservoirs and the investments we make to manage our solid waste. Scott has demonstrated the political will and commitment Baltimore's next mayor needs to improve the city's environment for all its residents. Read more about why we're endorsing Brandon Scott for Mayor.
  • Bill Henry for Comptroller. Henry has served on the City Council for twelve years and has championed many environmental issues, especially the plastic bag ban which passed earlier this year. With a Master's in Business Administration and a concentration in finance, he is running for Comptroller to reform and modernize the office and use it to advance transparency and reform throughout Baltimore City government. Henry is committed to making the city budget more accountable and transparent to residents of the city, and using the role of Comptroller as a watchdog for the public's interest in city government. Read more about why we're endorsing Bill Henry for Comptroller.
  • Shannon Sneed for City Council President. Sneed has served on the City Council for four years, and earned Clean Water Action's endorsement when she challenged a long-time incumbent for the role in 2016. She has a strong record of legislative success and support for environmental legislation, and is committed to fixing Baltimore's broken solid waste system, reducing air pollution, and working with state partners to improve the city's transportation infrastructure. Read more about why we're endorsing Shannon Sneed for Council President.

We are also proud to endorse these incumbents who have shown through their voting record that they will fight for environmental justice in Baltimore:

  • Zeke Cohen in District 1.
  • Ryan Dorsey in District 3.
  • Sharon Green Middleton in District 6.
  • Kristerfer Burnett in District 8.
  • John Bullock in District 9.

... as well as these candidates running for open seats, who have direct experience working on environmental issues that will allow them to hit the ground running with reforms to improve our air and water quality:

  • Mark Conway in District 4.
  • Odette Ramos in District 14.

In ordinary times, our team of professional canvassers would be gearing up right now to knock doors throughout the city to talk to members about our endorsed candidates - but these are far from ordinary times. Especially with the heightened dangers that Baltimore City faces due to coronavirus and the compounding health impacts of decades of pollution and discrimination, it is critical that the next administration builds the leadership and change the city needs to improve life for its residents. Our office is working hard to adapt to our new reality, and from now until the rescheduled June 2 primary, we'll be working to get our endorsed candidates into office in 2020.

Can you lend a hand? Join us for a virtual phonebank party:

RSVP via the links above, and the morning of the party, I'll send you a videoconference link and all the materials you need! When we gather virtually at 5:30 that evening, we'll take a little time to chat about the election and practice what to say, then we'll all spend the evening together calling fellow Clean Water Action members to make sure they know how to vote during this unprecedented election.


This message has been authorized and paid for by Clean Water Action, Robert Wendelgass, President, for distribution to its members. This message has not been authorized by any candidate.

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